Donegal subbuteo

About us

The idea of this website, like any other website, is so that people can access results, fixtures and anything else thats happening in the club that they are involved in from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Our first Leagues took place in 1985. There was 6 team leagues, 4 team league and 3 team leagues. All the results, tables and dates will be displayed shortly. Trophies were awarded, photos were taken and we hope to have all these available soon.

When I began to reasearch subbuteo on the web, I was amazed at the scale of it on an international level. Even on a local level, there is the irish circuit TFAI, there is the northern ireland subbuteo associationNITFA.

In our area we hope to run league meetings on a monthly basis. Depending on the amount of players available, the league or more like a group, will be completed on the night. If there are too many entrants to complete this on the one night, then a 2nd or 3rd night will be organized. For example, should there be 5 entrants and everyone played each other once meaning everyone gets to play four matches. That would take 9 matches to complete. With 10mins each way, this should only take about 3 hours. We also hope to run cup competitions.