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Donegal Subbuteo Club est 2011

  Welcome to the Donegal Subbuteo website.


I was recently looking for something in the attic at home when I came across some of my old subbuteo set. There they were, two teams tucked away in their boxes for almost 25years, waiting patiencely for the day that they would again grace the table tops of the world. On that same day I also came across an old notebook which held all the results and even match reports from 1985-1988. My love for subbuteo kicked off again.

The idea of this website is to get the message out there that subbuteo is back and also, like that old dusty notebook, to keep track of fixtures, results, competitions, photos and a link to the subbuteo association of Ireland and the world subbuteo association, subbuteo awareness.


Anyone who remembers subbuteo is probably of an age where you don't really care too much for x boxes, wii's, nintendos etc.

Through our 'contact us' section, I would love to hear your're own subbuteo stories and memories.

After only finding the pitch and 2 teams, I made goals from cardboard and used a table-tennis ball. It really reminded me of my youth. When you had to improvise so much. Using small potatoes, marbles, and nuts to play snooker comes to mind!

There is no need for me to print subbuteo website address's here. Anything you need can be found on google. But one I like is

We hope to run our first league meeting at the end of January 2012.

A few matches were played over the christmas period. These were the first matches that some of us played in over 23 years! We also had a few under 10 matches, great to see that age group showing so much interest especially in this age of of 3D console games.

Players who took part were:

Ciaran Rodgers

Brian mc Corkell

John A Kelly

Brendan Rodgers

Under 10s:

Cormac Coyle

Caoimhe Rodgers

Results of these matches will be available soon in the 'latest results & fixtures' page.